R2R offers an open-source React+Next.js dashboard designed to give developers an easy way to interface with their pipelines, reducing development and iteration time.


Install PNPM

PNPM is a fast, disk space-efficient package manager. To install PNPM, visit the official PNPM installation page or follow these instructions:

Installing and Running the R2R Dashboard

  1. Clone the project repository and navigate to the project directory:
git clone [email protected]:SciPhi-AI/R2R-Dashboard.git
cd R2R-Dashboard
  1. Install the project dependencies:
pnpm install
  1. Build and start the application for production:
pnpm build
pnpm start

The dashboard will be available at http://localhost:3000.


Deploying and Watching R2R Applications

You can add deployed R2R applications for monitoring. For information about deploying a local R2R application server, see the Client-Server Cookbook.

R2R Dashboard Overview


The documents page provides an overview of uploaded documents and their metadata. You can upload new documents and update or delete existing ones.

Documents Page


The playground allows streaming RAG responses with different models and configurable settings.

Playground Interface


The analytics page provides insight into aggregate statistics around latencies and metrics, including a histogram of distributions.

Analytics Interface


The Logs page enables tracking of user queries, search results, and LLM responses.

Logs Page


To develop the R2R dashboard:

  1. Start the development server:
pnpm dev
  1. Run pre-commit checks (optional but recommended):
pnpm format
pnpm lint