Full Install

Full Install with poetry:

Full installation is largely meant to be used by developers who wish to extend the R2R framework.

  1. Install Poetry: Ensure Poetry is installed.
  2. Clone and Install Dependencies: Get the project and its dependencies.
  3. Config Setup (Optional): Create .env and config.json.
  4. Configure Environment Variables: Set up necessary .env configurations.
Install Poetry:

Poetry manages the virtual environment and dependency resolution for your project, making it compatible with both existing Pip and Conda environments. To install poetry, visit the official Poetry website (opens in a new tab) for the latest package and installation instructions or run the following command.

Clone and Install Dependencies:
  • Clone the project repository and navigate to the project directory:
    git clone [email protected]:SciPhi-AI/r2r.git
    cd r2r
  • Install the project dependencies with Poetry:
    # See pyproject.toml for available extras
    # use "all" to include every optional dependency
    poetry install -E all
Configure Environment Variables:

Copy the .env.example to .env and then apply your secrets. Afterwards, inspect the config.json and make any desired modifications.

vim .env # save env variables here
# Modify the config.json
vim config.json

We have several config options to run the project locally or at the cloud. At minimum, you'll need your OpenAI key secrets in your .env file for the project to work properly. For a fast setup, you can get started with a local Postgres db.

Visit this page for more information on config setup.